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ProGlove Documentation


The best wearable experience for your workforce

Designed for superior ergonomics, ProGlove wearables allow natural motions and offer a high-performance fit for all-day wear. Each wearable is created with robust, flexible materials for long-lasting use and can be paired with all ProGlove scanners, which is why they are well-received by workers on the shop floor.

  • Index Trigger - Best in class ergonomics for reliable efficiency gains. The form fit wrap is industry proven for robust supply chains and comes in optimized variants that wrap around the hand in one motion. Optimized for diverse, specialized industry workspaces.

  • Reel - Accessible and flexible. The retractable, immediately available at your fingertips, clip and lanyard with multiple fixation options for devices that are not worn on the back of the hand. Ideal for low scan frequency environments and special glove requirements.

  • Hand Strap - Airy, comfortable, one-size fits all wearable for easy all-day use. The lightweight, breathable wrap is customizable for maximum freedom and flexibility, and is fastened by a stretchable Velcro with a customizable fit. Perfect for large and fluctuating workforces.


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