ProGlove Documentation

Connect multiple Android devices

Add multiple devices manually, as described in Connect an Android device, and download the provisioning package in a .zip file. Then push the provisioning package carrying the necessary certificates for each device using your MDM software solution.

Prerequisite: Process Layout hierarchy defined

Connect multiple devices manually
  1. On Insight Webportal, under Device Visibility, select Devices.

  2. In the Process Layout panel, click the three dots next to the defined Subprocess and select + Device.

    A modal Choose your Device window displays.


    You can also select a Subprocess and click the AddIcon.png icon at the top of the Connectivity Devices list.

  3. Select Insight Mobile (Android) and click Next.

  4. In the Name section, click AddIcon.png multiple times to add multiple rows.

  5. In every row, enter the Device Name and click Create Devices.


    You can adjust the Process Layout hierarchy for every device in this step.

    The Provision section displays.

  6. Click Download.

    The provisioned .zip file downloads with a file for each device.

  7. Click Done.

  8. Upload .zip file to your MDM and distribute the provisioning files to your device fleet.


The .zip file contains individual certificates for every Android device, with the unique Android device ID in the certificate's name.

When you upload the provisioned files back into your MDM software, you can push them to their corresponding device in your Android device fleet.

The provisioned files need to be sent to the following path of all Android devices: /sdcard/Android/data/de.proglove.connect/files/.

All your Android devices can now connect to the Insight Webportal platform.


Certificates are specific to a single Android device. Pushing the same certificate to multiple Android devices will not work.

Connection status

There are five connection statuses:

  1. Not Registered - The Connectivity Device has been created using Insight Webportal or Insight API but the Registration File has not been downloaded/retrieved or could not be created.

  2. Registering - The Connectivity Device has been created using Insight Webportal or Insight API, and the Registration File has been downloaded.

  3. Inactive - The Connectivity Device has not been sending any messages for the last two hours.

  4. Active - The Connectivity Device has sent a message within the last two hours.

  5. Unknown - The Connectivity Device is in a undefined connection state

Verify connection status

There are three ways to make sure your Android device is connected to Insight Webportal:

  1. In Insight Mobile:

    1. Connect your scanner.

    2. On the Device homepage, scroll down to Insight Registration.

    3. At the bottom of Insight Registration, the Connection Status displays.

  2. On Insight Webportal:

    1. Under Device Visibility, select Devices.

      The Connectivity Device List displays.

    2. If registered, your device’s status displays in the Status column.

  3. On Insight Webportal:

    1. Connect your scanner to Insight Mobile.

    2. Scan a barcode.

    3. Open Insight Webportal.

    4. Under Device Visibility, select Devices.

      The connected Scanners list displays.

    5. If connected properly, your scanner’s status displays in the Status column.