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ProGlove Documentation


Mechanical properties

Dimensions: 3.74 x 2.06 x 0.94 in (95 x 52,3 x 23,8 mm)

Weight: 1.50 oz (42,5 g)

Cable slots: Micro USB

The Gateway connects to the target device via a USB cable (micro to standard USB).

The Gateway is equipped with a Cable Strain Relief system to prevent physical damage to the USB cable as well as accidental disconnecting.


Electronic properties

Gateway power supply via USB cable (host computer): 5 VDC (0.5A)

The Gateway includes three LED lights:

  • LED 1 (USB LED) - identifies the connection to the target device

  • LED 2 (Scanner LED) - identifies the connection to the scanner

  • LED 3 (Cloud LED) - identifies the connection to the cloud.

Connection options

  • USB HID - keyboard input to host

  • USB CDC - virtual communication port (input as a string)

  • Streams API - advanced communication protocol via USB CDC

Product and vendor ID

USB vendor IDs (VID) and product IDs (PID) are 16-bit numbers used to identify USB devices by the host. While the VID is always the same for all Gateways, the PID depends on the configured USB communication protocol.

  • VID: 0x3333

  • PID:

    • USB HID: 0x081D

    • USB CDC: 0x0CDC

Utilities and accessories

ProGlove Configuration Tool: Insight Webportal - Barcode, interface, and device configuration, etc.


For more details, see the full Technical Specifications, User and Regulatory Guide EN, User and Regulatory Guide DE, and the Declaration of Conformity (EU and UK versions).