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ProGlove Documentation


LEO introduces the benefits of wearable scanning to all your operations. If you are trying to recognize quick, long-lasting ROIs in your warehouses and eCommerce operations, LEO saves up to 4 seconds per scan, starting with the first scan. For operations digitally transforming their processes and looking for a proven efficiency boost, LEO delivers a connected, fast wearable scanning option.

LEO was made for multi-shift operations and it's the lightest wearable scanner on the market! It comes with hands-free technology, 1 hour charge time, and an easy-to-pair mobile setup with ProGlove Insight.

Pair LEO with the Hand Strap for the most impactful ergonomic, time-saving investment you'll make all year! Both designed for full dexterity and a full grip with airy, stretchable, high-quality materials, in an adjustable, one-size fits all form.