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ProGlove Documentation


The most efficient way to scan is wearable

Designed specifically for industrial environments, wearable scanners offer unparalleled productivity and accuracy. They eliminate the need for traditional handheld scanners and provide hands-free operations, allowing workers to perform tasks more efficiently and with greater convenience. With their ergonomic design and lightweight construction, ProGlove scanners ensure optimal comfort and freedom of movement, enabling employees to work effortlessly throughout the day. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these scanners deliver fast and reliable barcode scanning, enabling real-time data data capture and seamless integrations with existing systems.

  • LEO (THE STARTER) - LEO introduces the benefits of wearable scanning and premier ergonomics to your fast-paced warehouse environments. Enterprise ready, it’s perfect for rolling out quick, long lasting ROIs across your warehouses and eCommerce operations.

  • MARK Basic (THE ALL-ROUNDER) - MARK Basic brings fast, flexible, dynamic hands-free scanning capabilities to your daily routine. Perfect for handling a constant flow of operations on your shop floor, in your warehouse, or on your assembly line.

  • MARK 2 (THE ORIGINAL) - MARK 2 is lightweight, rugged, and ergonomic, helping users across the entire supply chain save up 4 seconds per scan. Because it’s always at hand, no matter what!

  • MARK 3 (THE PRO) - MARK 3 is the fastest, lightest, most versatile option to optimize hands-free scanning operations. This wearable scanner enables efficient workflows with its multirange scan engine from assembly lines to forklift processes.

  • MARK Display (THE LEADER) - MARK Display is the lightweight, ergonomic wearable scanner that presents crucial information where and when your workers need it most. This smart glove scanner replaces traditional Mobile Computer Guns in combination with any smart device.


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