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You can connect up to 5 scanners to one Gateway independent of the integration path selected.

In the Configurations section of the Insight Webportal, under Connectivity Settings, you can lower the default limit of 5 devices per Gateway to 4, 3, 2, or 1.



When the maximum number of scanners is connected, LED 2 (Scanner) turns red to signal that the Gateway is fully occupied. If a scanner goes into sleep mode or is inserted into the charger, it disconnects from the Gateway. In this case, LED 2 (Scanner) turns green to signal that the Gateway can connect again to an additional scanner.

By activating the Streams API, certain metadata, like the scanner’s serial number, is transferred with every barcode scan. This way, the scan data can be assigned to one of the several connected scanners.

The included metadata is transferred in the format of the following example:

  "api_version": "0.4",
  "event_type": "scan",
  "device_serial": "M2MR000001252",
  "scan_code": "PGCS210007842\r"