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Streams API

Streams API is a two-way, message-based .JSON protocol based on the USB CDC, WebSocket/Wi-Fi, MQTT and TCP/IP integration paths.

It is a domain-based, human-readable and machine-parsable protocol that enhances the two-way communication between your system and the ProGlove Gateway.

Streams API enables features like Multi-pairing and MARK Display integration.

Streams API consists of many one-way Streams of Event data:

  • Events specific to a use case

  • Events that publish data towards the customer app

  • Events that can be commands the customer app sends towards the Gateway.


The event data is encoded as simple flat JSON messages:

  "api_version": "1.0",
  "event_type": "scan",
  "event_id": "02114da8-feae-46e3-8b00-a3f7ea8672df",
  "time_created": 1546300800000,
  "scan_code": "Hello, World!",
  "device_serial": "MDMR000000064",
  "gateway_serial": "PGGW000000058"

Each message contains at least:

  • api_version - the version of the API

  • event_type - the type of the stream event

  • event_id - the identifier to refer to the command in case of error or response

  • device_serial - identifies the scanner concerned by the command

  • time_created - the UNIX time stamp in milliseconds when the message was created client-side


Every Streams API message coming from the Gateway is terminated by a Line Feed character.

Streams API Reference

To help you test your integration, we have provided the Streams API reference in Python in this repository. You can send commands, receive different states and callback, test using our sample app or use the sample app as a starting point when building out your own apps.