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Scanner barcode display echo


This feature is only supported on scanner firmware v2.3.0 and higher and Insight Mobile v.1.11.0 and higher.

When you scan a barcode with MARK Display, the content of the scanned barcode displays on the MARK Display’s screen for 5 seconds after which the screen reverts to the previous message.

The MARK Display screen template used in this feature is PG1A. To learn more, see Screen templates.

To change the scanner barcode display echo settings:

  1. On Insight Webportal, under Device Visibility, select Configurations.

  2. At the top right, click the AddIcon.png icon to add a configuration.

  3. Select Insight Mobile (Android) and select Next.

  4. Select the Device Settings section.

  5. Under Show barcode content on display, Enable or Disable the feature.

  6. At the bottom of the page, select Save.

    A modal Assign a Name for the Configuration window displays.

  7. Type in the name of your configuration and select Next.

    The modal Apply the Configuration window displays the Configuration Barcode.

  8. Scan the generated barcode with the scanner connected to Insight Mobile.

  9. Select Save.

    Your configuration displays in the list of Saved Configuration Files.