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ProGlove Documentation

Software Keyboard

The Software Keyboard integration path is recommended if you do not require complex, two-way communication.

It acts as a virtual keyboard that inputs the scanned barcode data into an active field of the customer’s target application or a browser.

To use all features of Insight Mobile, you need to enable ProGlove Keyboard on your Android device. If ProGlove Keyboard is not enabled on app start, a modal window will display prompting you to enable it. Tapping Next will take you to your Android device’s settings where you can enable it.


After ProGlove Keyboard is enabled, to use the keyboard integration path you need to select it as the default input method on your Android device in the displayed modal window.


All integration paths are active by default but you can customize your Keyboard Settings on Insight Webportal.

Select a Keyboard Mode

There are 4 Keyboard modes you can choose from:

  • Alphanumeric/Symbols Keyboard

  • Numeric/Alphanumeric/Symbols Keyboard

  • Simplified Landscape Keyboard

  • Single Line Numerical Landscape Keyboard


The Alphanumeric/Symbols Keyboard mode provides you with ProGlove’s version of the regular Android alphanumeric keyboard where you can switch to the Symbols keyboard view by tapping !#1.

The Numeric/Alphanumeric/Symbols Keyboard mode displays the numeric keyboard as the default one in order to enable workers to quickly enter multi-digit numbers into the customer’s target application.

The Simplified Landscape Keyboard mode is the latest ProGlove's version with fewer keys than on a regular keyboard. It helps reduce entry errors and is created for worker convenience. The Alphanumeric is displayed by default, and you can switch to the Symbols keyboards by tapping !#1.

The Single Line Numerical Landscape Keyboard is an additional landscape mode keyboard besides the existing Simplified Landscape Keyboard.

To support use cases where workers also need to enter letters, tapping and holding a number (except number 1) displays a pop-up with letters corresponding to the held number.

Also, tapping the ABC button in the bottom left corner switches to the Alphanumeric keyboard. Tapping the NUM button takes you back to the Numeric Keyboard and tapping !#1 to the Symbols Keyboard.

When Insight Mobile is installed, the default keyboard is Alphanumeric. The default keyboard is changed every time a new configuration file or a profile is activated. If the active profile has no keyboard mode selected, or a configuration file is removed, the default keyboard remains the last selected one.

Select a Keyboard Theme

You can customize your keyboard’s appearance by selecting one of the following options from the Choose Keyboard Theme drop-down:

  • Do not change - does not apply any visual formatting

  • Gingerbread

  • Ice Cream Sandwich (bright hints)

  • Ice Cream Sandwich (dark hints)

  • Material Black

  • Material Light

  • Material (Dark)

  • Stone (bold).

Enable Minimized Keyboard

The Minimized Keyboard feature enables you to work within any app without ProGlove Keyboard taking up too much of your device’s screen space.

When you open an app with an input field, instead of the full virtual keyboard only the Show Keyboard button will display at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to expand the full ProGlove Keyboard.

Select Keyboard Output

You can select two ways of sending the scanned data using the Software Keyboard:

  • Standard - pastes the full barcode content at once

  • Key stroke - simulates typing in the barcode content, character by character.

The Key stroke output is useful in use cases where you need to interpret the characters as they are typed. You can also adjust the way the characters display by selecting:

  • Key hold duration - determines the time of the simulated key hold (the time between pressing and releasing the key).

  • Time between key presses - determines the time between typing of two characters (the time between releasing the key and pressing the next one). By default set to 20 ms but can be adjusted by selecting the Custom option.


If you select the Key Stroke option while using an Insight Mobile (Android) version older than v1.12.0, the Keyboard Output will revert to the Standard output which pastes the full barcode content.

The Key stroke output option supports all Alphabet letters (A-Z), numeric characters (0-9) as well as the following characters:


































The Key stroke output option does not supports the §, °, and ´ characters because they require a combination of more than 2 keys to be implemented in a language-agnostic way.

The Key stroke feature supports the following languages' keyboard outputs:

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Italian

Automatic ProGlove keyboard selection

To set up the automatic selection of ProGlove keyboard on your Android device, use:

  • Package name: de.proglove.connect

  • Class name: de.proglove.keyboard.LatinIME


On Android 9, when trying to switch to the Symbols Keyboard, the Input options pop-up window does not display whole but only the bottom part.

This issue is caused by a third-party library and is specific to Android 9.