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ProGlove Documentation

Apply the configuration
  1. Log in to INSIGHT webportal and select Configurations → Device Configurations.

  2. Find the relevant configuration in the list, click on the menu button on the right and select Apply Configuration.

  3. The Apply configuration modal window displays where you can select File transfer or Barcode scan.

  4. Select File transfer to initiate a download of the .proconfig file. You'll notice that the file name is the same as the name of your configuration.

  5. Copy the downloaded file to the following location on your Android device: /sdcard/Android/data/de.proglove.connect/files/ProGlove.proconfig

    The configuration is automatically applied by INSIGHT Mobile (Android), even if the app is already running.

Copying to this location usually does not require any additional storage permissions from the MDM system.

Apply a Configuration file via barcode
  1. Log in to INSIGHT webportal and select Configurations.

  2. In the Device Configuration tab, click New Configuration in the top right corner to add a new configuration. Once it's set up, click Save and select Copy String option to apply it.

  3. Select the type of device you want to connect to INSIGHT (Gateway, INSIGHT Mobile (Android) or INSIGHT Mobile (iOS)).

  4. Type in the name of your configuration and select Next.

  5. The Base64 string will be copied to your clipboard.

  6. At the bottom of the left menu, click Save and then select Barcode Scan.


    The Scan to apply the Configuration modal window displays the generated barcode.

  7. Pair a scanner with your device.

  8. Scan the Configuration barcode.

    The configuration is applied to the scanner and the INSIGHT Mobile (Android) / Gateway app.

  9. Click Done and then Save to complete the configuration.

    Your configuration displays in the list of Configurations.


Applying a configuration file via barcode is permanent and automatically creates a ProGlove.proconfig on the device. The configuration remains active as if configured manually.


Only configurations with approximately up to 10 Workflow Rules can be applied using a Configuration barcode due to the size limitation of the configuration content.

Apply an existing Configuration via Barcode
  1. In the Device configuration list, find the relevant configuration and click the menu button on the right.

    The menu displays.

  2. Select Apply Configuration and then select Barcode Scan.

    The modal Scan to apply configuration displays the configuration barcode.

  3. Scan the barcode with the ProGlove scanner paired to your Android device.


If you select Back in the Apply Configuration window, modify the configuration, and select Next again the configuration barcode will change to include the changes you made.