ProGlove Documentation

Connect a Gateway

To communicate with our cloud platform, you need to connect your Gateway devices to Insight Webportal.

Before that, you need to enable your Gateway devices to connect to your internet router (Wi-Fi) by provisioning each Gateway with login credentials to your network (router).

Prerequisite: Insight Webportal account activated and Process Layout hierarchy defined

Add Connectivity Devices
  1. On Insight Webportal, under Device Visibility, select Devices.

  2. In the Process Layout panel, click the three dots next to the defined Sub-Process and select + Connectivity Device.

    A modal Choose your Device window displays.


    You can also select a Sub-Process and click the AddIcon.png icon at the top of the Connectivity Devices.

  3. Select Gateway and click Next.

  4. In the Name section, click AddIcon.png multiple times to add multiple rows.

    The Connect Device section displays the defined Process Layout hierarchy.


    If you add a device without defining the full hierarchy, you have to define it in the Connect Device screen before proceeding. You can change all Process Layout hierarchy fields in the Connect Device screen.

  5. For each device, enter the Device Name and select Create Devices.

    The WIFI Connection section displays.

  6. Type in your router's/network's SSID (Network) and Password, and select Next.

    The Provision section displays.

  7. Select Download to export your Provisioning package in a .zip file.

    The provisioning package (.zip) downloads with a provisioning file for each device.

  8. Select Done.

    The Devices screen displays.


You can also leave the Password field empty and add the password for the SSID in the secrets.json file later. To learn how to use the .JSON file, see SSID password in a .JSON file.


As ProGlove does not store any user data on Insight Platform, if you re-download the provisioning package for the already connected device, you will be asked to provide the SSID password again.

Apply the provisioning package
  1. Connect the Gateway's USB cable to your desktop.

    The Gateway boots up in about 1 minute. The USB LED glows green constantly.

  2. Scan the QR code on the Gateway with your scanner.

    The scanner connects to the Gateway and the Scanner LED glows green.

  3. Scan the QR code below to enable the Gateway as a Mass Storage Device.


    The Gateway displays as a Mass Storage Device on your desktop.

  4. Unzip the downloaded provisioning package.

    The extracted .zip file contains one provisioning file for every registered Gateway.


    If the SSID Password is not provided, you need to enter the password for every SSID in the secret.json file. To learn how to use the .JSON file, see Import SSID password in a .JSON file.

  5. Copy the corresponding provisioning file (and Secrets .JSON) to your Gateway Mass Storage Device.

  6. Eject the Gateway Mass Storage Device.

    The upload takes a few seconds. All three LEDs flash green when done. The Gateway automatically connects to Wi-Fi and Insight Webportal and Cloud LED glows green.