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MARK 3 multi range scanner is bending limits in the world of wearable scanning and expanding possibilities for more efficient workflows. With its multi range scan engine, MARK 3 is the fastest, lightest, most versatile option to optimize hands-free scanning operations. From the assembly line to the logistics centers, MARK 3 will speed up processes across some of the most challenging supply chain environments and scan anything from packaging labels in your hand to far away identification markers.

MARK 3 can scan anything from 10 to 600 centimeters away and has a heavy duty battery life that is fully charged in under 2 hours. Furthermore, it is super lightweight at only 40 grams, allowing for easy aiming and high-precision scanning. Its robust build and ruggedness make it ready to handle outdoor operations, tough use cases in low temperatures, as well as resist dust and water.

Pair MARK 3 with the Hand Strap and enable your smoothest, most flexible operations yet! Both designed for full dexterity and a full grip with airy, stretchable, high-quality materials, in an adjustable, one-size fits all form.