ProGlove Documentation

Windows 7 driver issue

When Microsoft stopped the Windows 7 support in January 2020, they released a package of updates. The latest update package should be compatible with the Gateway but in some instances (and if you have not updated the system) you might need to install the required Certum certificates manually.

The USB HID and USB HID + USB Mass storage integration works when the generic driver is automatically updated but fails on manual install.

To support the Windows 7 devices, you need to install a driver which identifies the VIP/PID combinations used and install the generic serial driver. To do this, you need to insert the .inf file (not the real driver binary) into the progateway application repository.

Before the latest update package, Windows 7 was causing an issue due to no root certificate authority to validate the ProGlove signed certificate.

Solution 1 - Update Windows 7
  1. Install the Windows 7 2016 convenience update.

  2. Reboot the device and let the Windows Updater install the rest of the updates


    Make sure to install the all the optional updates (you can skip the language packs.)

    The device reboots multiple times. After the updates are installed, our catalog should be accepted automatically.

Solution 2 - Install the Certum certificate manually
  1. Download the Certum Network Certification Authority.

  2. In the Windows Search, type mmc and Run Command.

    The Console 1 window displays.

  3. Under Menu, select Add/Remove Snap-in.

    The modal Add or Remove Snap-ins window displays.

  4. Under Available snap-ins, select Certificates and click Add.

    The modal Certificates snap-in window displays.

  5. Select Computer Account and click Next.

  6. Select Local Computer and click Finish.

  7. In the Add or Remove Snap-ins window, click OK.

  8. Double-click on Certificates.

  9. Right-click the Trusted Root Certification Authorities, click All Tasks and select Import.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Under File name, click Browse and select the Certum CA CTNCA.crt.

  12. Click Next.

  13. Under Certificate Store, leave the Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

  14. Click Next and then Finish.

    The certificate is imported successfully and displays in the right-hand part of the window.

  15. Close the mmc application. (no need to save the console)

Install driver

If the generic driver does not install automatically, you need to do it manually from the Device Manager.

  1. Open the Device Manager.

  2. Under Other devices, double-click the CDC Serial.

    The CDC Serial Properties window displays.

  3. Click the Update Driver... button.

    The Update Driver Software - CDC Serial window displays.

  4. Click Browse my computer for driver software and select the folder where the catalog file is.

  5. Select Include subfolders and click Next.

  6. Click Install.

    The driver installs.

  7. Click Close.

Driver signing

To verify that the driver is published by us (Workaround GmbH), an Organization Validation (OV) certificate has been obtained from The driver is signed with this certificate through the .cat file in the driver directory. The chain of trust goes up to the Certum Trusted Network CA, that is trusted by Windows.

By signing, it is avoided that a prominent error message is shown that wants to prevent users from installing unverified software.

If you want to make changes to the driver, you have to go through a couple of steps:

Install the Windows Driver Kit

Download the Windows Driver Kit from here.

We recommend you use a Windows 10 machine. You need to install:

  • Visual Studio 2019 with the Desktop Development for C++

  • Windows 11 SDK

  • Windows 11 WDK


To access all the tools you need to run a PowerShell from Visual Studio.

Update timestamp and version number

Find the Stampinf Command Options here.

In the drivers folder of the Gateway repository you will find the files to create a Gateway catalog.

stampinf.exe -f .\gateway.inf -d  07/29/2021 -v
Generate security catalogue file

Find the Using Inf2Cat to Create a Catalog File documentation here.

Find the Inf2Cat documentation here.

In the same folder of the .inf file run the following command:

 Inf2Cat.exe /driver:. /os:7_x64,7_x86 /verbose
Sign the catalogue file

Find the Release Signing documentation here.

signtool sign /v /fd SHA256  /ac '.\Certum Trusted Network CA.crt'   /s My /n "Workaround GmbH" /t .\