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Advanced Scanning

Use Advanced Scanning modes to boost your ProGlove scanners and enable scanning multiple barcodes in a single trigger. Choose between Multiscan mode for control and precision, and Continuous Scanning for volume and speed.


If your processes require continuous and repetitive scanning, scanning multiple barcodes quickly, and even filtering and sorting of barcodes scanned on the same surface - our Advanced Scanning modes are the perfect solution. While Continuous Scanning supports speed and allows capturing up to 10 barcodes in rapid succession, the Multiscan mode offers the option to predefine filters and a scanning order for enhanced precision and productivity.

Learn more about Advanced Scanning below and select the scanning mode that works best for you and your workforce.

Continuous Scanning - quickly capture up to 10 barcodes in the order they are scanned


Multiscan - capture only the selected and relevant barcodes in a predefined scanning order


Advanced Scanning is activated using device configurations in the INSIGHT webportal. When creating a new or editing an existing device configuration, go to the Advanced Scanning tab, click the toggle button in the top-right corner to enable it, and set up the mode that best supports your processes.


See below and visit the related pages for more details.

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Continuous Scanning

Continuous Scanning enables ProGlove scanners to capture up to 10 barcodes at once. By holding the trigger and hovering over multiple barcodes, operators on the shop floor can scan up to 10 barcodes in a single scan. These barcodes are then transmitted to a WMS (Warehouse Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in the order in which they were scanned.

Ideal for scanning where volume and speed are paramount, providing a more ergonomic activity and experience for the worker. Instead of triggering their scanners multiple times, they are now able to capture all the barcodes in a single move. See here for more information and setup details.


Multiscan helps workers manage items with multiple barcodes and offers selective scanning and sequencing before sending the data back to the system. It allows capturing up to 5 barcodes at the same time, with real-time conditional rules execution on top of the scanned barcodes, and only the preselected barcodes are transmitted to a WMS (Warehouse Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application in a predefined scanning order.

Workers on the shop floor will be able to scan all barcodes on a single label without thinking which one comes first, second, etc. and save a significant amount of time. At the same time, processing receives all the barcodes for validation, which come in a predefined order, so errors are minimized. See here for more information and setup details.

Additional information

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Table 28. Feature availability


Subscription plan

Lifecycle status


MARK Basic, MARK Display, MARK 2 - Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.14.0

LEO, MARK 3 - Scanner Firmware Gen2 1.6.0

Gateway - 2.12.1

INSIGHT Mobile (Android) - 1.32.1

INSIGHT Mobile (iOS) - 2.3.0

INSIGHT Productivity, INSIGHT Analytics

BETA feature

Firmware Release notes

Our customers report up to 20% increased productivity and up to 33% reduction of error.

Here is what one of them said about our products:



Can I use both modes and switch between Continuous Scanning and Multiscan?

You can select and define only one Advanced Scanning mode for each device configuration at a time - i.e. either Continuous Scanning or Multiscan mode.


Why is a delay in transmission necessary?

Sometimes the receiving system can be slower to receive the data and/or needs processing time between receiving successive barcodes.


What is the maximum number of barcodes that can be scanned using Advanced Scanning modes?

While Multiscan mode offers the option for selected and rule-based scanning of up to 5 barcodes, Continuous Scanning allows you to scan up to 10 barcodes with a single scan.


What is a cool-down period and why would I use it?

Cool-down period is when the scan engine automatically shuts down after it was active for a longer time. It is necessary for the engine to cool off and preserve its optimal functionality.