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To showcase all the detailed Narratives that can be created in INSIGHT based on different data, we have introduced a Catalog. It allows you to browse through all the possible Narratives and learn in advance about the knowledge, optimization potential and overall benefits this information can bring. Find it in Analytics → Narratives.

In case you just started using your INSIGHT account to collect and analyze your process and performance data, there might not be enough data collected to display all available Narratives, or some might require specific devices and firmware. This way you get to see the outcome, test the feature, and even imagine the results you can achieve, prior to having to purchase or set anything up. Additionally, you will quickly learn about any device and/or firmware requirements for a specific report to happen.

Catalog of Narratives also helps with projections and planning around certain processes, as it allows diving deep into any of your shop floors while focusing on data based on the following five categories: Device visibility, Lost & Found, Process performance, Scan performance, Worker ergonomics.


Similar to the Daily Narratives, you can save the reports from the Catalog and even download some of them. This way you can either pull specific information as needed, or get it in a complete Analytics report you export from the INSIGHT webportal. Use the buttons in the top-right corner of each Narratives to download the report that is based on your account's data. Any reports based on demo data will be highlighted and are not available for download.