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Narratives reveal the knowledge behind your data, converting it to digestible and meaningful messages, helping you save time during your day-to-day activities. They highlight optimization potentials found in the collected data through daily reports and alerts. By saving the ones that interest you the most, you create your own unique dashboard within the INSIGHT webportal, with all the relevant data visible at a glance.

Access over 20 different reports with the INSIGHT Analytics subscription plan to get relevant, up-to-date, and actionable information. Certain Narratives are also available within the INSIGHT Visibility plan, while customers using the INSIGHT Standard plan will only receive Tips&News.

Tips&News help guide you to useful information, such as troubleshooting steps, new or specific features in the INSIGHT webportal, the latest releases and firmware, etc.

Narratives welcome you to INSIGHT webportal and are the first thing you see upon login. Additionally, you can access them from the top menu by selecting Analytics → Narratives or by clicking the ProGlove INSIGHT logo in the upper-left corner of the screen.

When you first log in and until a specific level within the organization structure is selected, Narratives related to the entire organization are displayed by default.


To see Narratives related to a particular level or sublevel, and the devices connect to it, select a (sub)level within My Organization to review them.


Any Narratives that were generated and saved under My Organization prior to the development of Narratives per (sub)level (release notes), will need to be resaved on the relevant (sub)level.

Included features

Narratives are presented in three different tabs: Daily Narratives, Saved Narratives and Catalog. Learn more by going through the pages included in this section.

Daily Narratives

Check the Daily Narratives for specific messages and actionable suggestions on how to instantly improve your team's effort, processes and performance.

Saved Narratives

Save your Narratives to create a selection of reports most relevant to you and have them displayed by default every time you log in to INSIGHT.


Get an overview of all available reports in the Catalog. Use the data to dive deep into any of your levels or sublevels, and analyze it through different categories.

Additional information
Table 39. Feature availability


Subscription plan

Lifecycle status


MARK Basic, MARK Display, MARK 2



INSIGHT Mobile (Android)

INSIGHT Visibility, INSIGHT Analytics

BETA feature

Firmware Release notes



Can I save all my Narratives?

You can save all daily reports, which will then be visible in the Saved Narratives tab.


How often are Narratives updated?

INSIGHT will update your Saved Narratives and offer 4 new Narrative reports in your Daily Narratives every 24 hours.


What are the requirements for using Narratives?

The main requirement is to have at least one device connected to INSIGHT and that the device was used for at least one day. See report examples for more details.


I just started using INSIGHT and don't have any data collected yet. Can I still see the Narratives and receive reports?

In case there is not enough data to generate Narratives, our Catalog uses demo data to showcase all daily reports that are created in INSIGHT. See here for more details.


Can I take my Narratives outside of INSIGHT and review them offline/share them with others?

You can download all reports that have the MORE INFO button. These contain tables with additional details, specific values and device information. Other reports are in the form of concise and actionable messages and can not be downloaded. Learn more here.


Which INSIGHT subscription plan are Narratives a part of?

Narratives are available for both INSIGHT Visibility and INSIGHT Analytics plans. INSIGHT Visibility offers a limited number of Narrative reports, while INSIGHT Analytics enables both Narrative reports and real-time alerts. For more information, see report examples.