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What are the subscription plans?

The essential INSIGHT Standard is free, while the INSIGHT Visibility and INSIGHT Analytics plans provide you with valuable data insights and are subscription-based. To learn more about the ProGlove subscription plans, go here.


Does ProGlove INSIGHT work on premise?

We think the future of software applications is cloud-based. This offers more flexibility and knowledge transfer between stakeholders. Therefore, we currently offer no on-premise solution.


What are the technical prerequisites so I can use the ProGlove INSIGHT?

To use the INSIGHT webportal, you simply need a device that can run modern internet browsers and is connected to the internet.


How many devices do I need for the INSIGHT webportal to make sense?

INSIGHT allows you to download the INSIGHT Mobile app and configure your devices. Therefore, it makes sense to register for INSIGHT even if you are using a single device. However, with more devices and more data-points, we are able to provide a more detailed analytics.


How is the data saved?

Your data is saved using a single-tenant model. Therefore, the databases are completely separated and safe. Data is stored in our core markets in local datacenters of our cloud provider.


Is it compatible with my current analytic dashboard, with my WMS / MES system?

Yes. Building with a strong focus on API, we are able to connect to a lot of ERP / WMS systems, as well as other cloud and BI connectors. Note that this type of connectivity requires product customization. For more details, contact your ProGlove representative.


Is it General Data Protection Regulatory (GDPR) compliant?

Yes, our system is fully GDPR compliant from day one.


Which barcode symbology types are supported?

For a list of supported symbology types, see Symbology Settings.


What are Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates and how long does a scanner FOTA update take?

FOTA updates are remote updates of scanner firmware that you enable in INSIGHT webportal by using Device Configurations. The total time for all processes to complete can differ depending on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection speed, scanner model and current firmware. Read more here.


I can't create a configuration for my devices, the New Configuration button is greyed out. What can I do?

Check your User Role and update the permissions with your account administrator, if needed. Only account admins have permissions to create and edit device configurations.


How do I create a user in INSIGHT and what roles/types are available?

There are two user roles available in INSIGHT. See the steps for adding a new user to your INSIGHT account described here.


What happens to my INSIGHT account if I never log in?

If you never logged in to your account or were not active for 3 months, and there are no active devices, the INSIGHT account status will be retired. When the account is retired, all records and data are lost. Go to INSIGHT webportal and follow the steps described here to register an account.


Where can I find my Customer ID and User Name?

Your Customer ID is sent to your registered email address once your INSIGHT account was created. Your email address is your User Name, and you can find your Customer ID under Profile by clicking the user profile icon in the top-right corner.


Can I disable a specific QR symbology to avoid reading particular codes, and how?

You can disable one or more QR symbologies for both INSIGHT Mobile and Gateway in the Symbology settings of the Config tool.

Need more help?

If you need additional information or help troubleshooting on a specific topic, please review the suggestions listed below for more details.

  • Check the section of a specific product within our documentation (i.e. Scanners, Gateway, INSIGHT Mobile (Android), INSIGHT Mobile (iOS), INSIGHT webportal, etc.) and review the FAQ page.

  • Try searching for a specific keyword and/or phrase to find more information or details on a specific feature or process.

  • Check for an FAQ paragraph within the pages/content related to a specific feature.

  • Review our video tutorials and try out the troubleshooting tips (found within scanner FAQ pages).

  • Perform a hard and/or factory reset of your devices (check question "What can I do if my MARK/LEO is not responding?" within scanner FAQs).

  • Try to capture (screenshot, video, device log files, etc.) the issue/behavior you are seeing.

In case you still need assistance, we welcome you to reach out to our Support team via the contact form in INSIGHT webportal or using the contact information provided below.


  • EU: +49 89 26 35 00

  • US: +1 888 950 5304


INSIGHT webportal:

To fully understand the situation and offer the best possible solution as quickly as possible, our Support team will need serial number(s) of the device(s) you are using. In case a Gateway device is also included, follow the instructions listed here to retrieve the log files from your Gateway device and send it to our Support team along with the serial number(s) and a description of the issue.