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Activate notifications to stay informed of any new alerts in the INSIGHT webportal as soon as they happen. Go to User settings → Notifications to manage the alerts for which you want to be notified. Notifications are turned on by default, after which you manually need to turn them on for specific alerts by clicking the Manage button next to each alert.


Use category filters to list out only specific alerts. Each alert represents a different Narrative message and belongs to a different category (also found in the Catalog of Narratives). Apply the category filters by clicking one or more categories, as shown below.


When managing your alerts, check the box to turn on INSIGHT notifications, then open the drop-down menu that will display your organization's INSIGHT hierarchy and select one or more levels and sublevels for which you want to receive updates.


Once you activate notifications for at least one of the existing alerts, you will see them appear in the top-right menu as a bell icon BellIconBlank.png. A number displayed with the bell icon will inform you of the exact number of new alerts awaiting your attention. Clicking the icon will open a notification panel and display more information about any existing alerts. The new ones have an orange dot next to it, and you can open the alert details directly from the notification panel by clicking it.


Visit this page to learn more about Daily Narratives.

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