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Lost & Found


Reduce the risk of your devices getting lost, as well as time and resources spent on searching or replacing misplaced devices, with the help of our Lost & Found solution. Always know where your scanners are, have them available and ready at the start of shifts, optimizing operational readiness and avoiding scanner replacement costs. Save on replacement costs and see productivity increase with every shift.

Lost & Found device settings enhance your operational efficiency by helping you keep track of your devices and enabling a more accurate status of their performance and maintenance. Monitor performance and quickly identify devices that are not being charged or are not in use. Provide solutions to your workforce that will enhance their process and support good habits for returning the devices to chargers after every shift.

Keep reading and watch the video below to find out more about making your devices smarter, driving productivity and good practices for within your workforce.

Included settings OrangeBETAtag1.png

Below is a list of device settings designed to help you monitor and find your lost devices.

To find and activate the Lost & Found settings, edit your device configuration and access the General configuration settings by clicking the gear GearIcon_white.png icon right next to the configuration name.

We are constantly working on developing our Beta features, so check back here for updates and reach out to your ProGlove representative if you are interested in BETA testing.

Connectivity Device Signal and Scanner Signal

Reduce the risk of losing your scanners, monitor inactive ones and ensure your workforce starts their every new shift with charged devices.

These settings allows for a broader view of how your ProGlove scanners are maintained and how they are performing. Once you enable the signal exchange between your scanners and the Connectivity Device, the information will be sent to INSIGHT.

Select if your scanners should send signals when in charger or when inactive. Both options are selected by default and enable a specific scanner status to be visible in INSIGHT.

See here for more details.

Inactive Mode feedback

Configure your ProGlove scanners so they alert you with sound and/or vibration when they're out of contact, i.e. not paired with a Connectivity Device (not in active use) and not charging.

Out-of-range feedback

Let the scanners remind your workers to return them to the charger or hand them over to other teams when they are leaving the range of the working station.

Additional information

Find out more about our INSIGHT Analytics features and get all the metadata in one place - battery information, firmware versions, connections, configurations, down to the serial numbers. Explore features such as the .csv data export and Narratives, and grab all the benefits INSIGHT webportal has to offer.

Table 37. Feature availability

Devices and firmware

Subscription plan

Lifecycle status


MARK Basic, MARK Display, MARK 2 - Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.13.0

LEO, MARK 3 - Scanner Firmware Gen2 1.5.0

Gateway - 2.11.0

INSIGHT Mobile (Android) - 1.31.0

INSIGHT Visibility, INSIGHT Analytics

BETA feature

Firmware Release notes

Our customers report up to 20% increased productivity and up to 33% reduction of error.

Here is what one of them said about our products:



Which INSIGHT subscription plan are Lost & Found features a part of?

Lost & Found features are available in the INSIGHT Visibility and INSIGHT Analytics plans.


What do the statuses of my devices mean?

See device statuses described in the Scanners list & Dashboard and Connectivity Devices pages.


Are these features tracking my devices?

No. These features enable your devices to be smarter and report or react as soon as they go outside of the defined workflows.


Can I connect my scanners directly to INSIGHT?

ProGlove scanners can only be connected to INSIGHT via an Android, iOS or Gateway devices.


Can I monitor the exact location of my devices?

No. The Lost & Found features assist with the discovery and retrieval of devices when alerts are activated, so less devices should get lost or be unaccounted for.


I never see any of my scanners charging. What am I doing wrong?

Check your Device configuration and enable the required Scanner Signal setting within General Configuration settings → Lost & Found. Make sure you apply the configuration to all your devices. You can check this by going into the Device details view for any of your scanners and Connectivity devices.