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Photo Reporting


Photo Reporting enables your workers to document quality issues and important process steps by taking a photo with their scanner, and then to easily share them with the process owner or device manager through INSIGHT as a photo report. You can send multiple photos in a single report using the INSIGHT Mobile (Android) app, or a single image per report when connected to a Gateway, even when using Streams API.

Access, review and manage any photo reports documented on your shop floor in INSIGHT by going to Devices, and then select the Photos tab.

Photo Reporting in INSIGHT

My Organization, as the top level, will be the default view. Select a specific level or sublevel to review the photo reports associated only to that (sub)level and its devices. You will see a default screen in case there are no reports or a grid view with the reports, in case some were already submitted to INSIGHT.



Ensure your ProGlove scanners are using the minimum required firmware versions referencing the table in the bottom of the page. Pair them with your Android and/or Gateway devices and connect to a level in INSIGHT.

The icons displayed in the top-right corner allow you to refresh the list, download, delete, and filter through your reports by both free text and their status. Additionally, you can switch to a table view for a more detailed display, and then select the columns to view exactly the information you need.

Working with Photo Reports

To review the photos and get the full details of your photo report, access the Report info screen either by clicking a specific report in the grid view or clicking the name of a report in the list view. Enlarge the images to full screen by clicking each one. Use the icons in the top-right corner to share the report link with others using the same INSIGHT account. For external sharing, you can download the report as a .pdf file. To finish your review, change the status of your report.


REPORT INFO screen provides the following information:

  • Report ID - automatically generated, unique, random string assigned to the report

  • Name - date and time when the report was created (default format: Report at:

  • Description - free text entered during creation of the report (max 240 characters)

  • Status - Open / Resolved (see: Reviewing Photo Reports)

  • Report Device - serial number of the scanner that captured the photo

  • Connectivity Device name - name assigned to the Connectivity Device that forwarded the report to INSIGHT

  • Location - the full hierarchy path from My Organization showing the exact level in which the photo was captured

  • Report Date - report date and time in the following format DD/MM/YYYY / HH:MM (AM/PM)

  • Number of photos - total number of photos contained in this particular report

Reviewing Photo Reports

All photo reports originally get an Open status. Once you have reviewed your reports, you can use the checkmark icon to change their status to Resolved. You will see the top notification and the report status change immediately. You will then see an exclamation mark icon that can be used to revert the status back to Open if needed. Note that you can change the status of your photo reports and switch between Open and Resolved as many times as necessary.

Additional information

For detailed instructions on how to enable Photo Reporting on your scanners and Connectivity Device, visit the Device Configuration pages relevant to your device and learn how to activate it using the Workflow Rules.

The resolution and quality settings are currently hard-coded within the INSIGHT Mobile app in order to achieve the best balance between quality and responsiveness when taking or transferring an image.

  • Maximum message size: 128 KB

  • Image resolution: Full, Half or Quarter

  • Jpeg quality setting: value from 5 to 100 that represents the .jpeg compression level, where 5 stands for high compression (low quality and smaller size) and 100 for low compression (high quality and bigger size)

Availability and limitations:

Table 19. Feature availability

Devices and firmware

Subscription plan

Lifecycle status


MARK Basic, MARK Display, MARK 2 - Scanner Firmware Gen1 version 2.13.0

LEO, MARK 3 - Scanner Firmware Gen2 version 1.5.0

Gateway - version 2.11.0

INSIGHT Mobile (Android) - version 1.31.0

INSIGHT Visibility, INSIGHT Analytics

BETA feature

Firmware, Release notes



What is the size of files that can be sent through to INSIGHT?

Depending on the type of file, file sizes can vary. See below for some average numbers on data we currently send through the app:

  • Image of a white paper: 1 - 2 KB

  • Standard images: 5 - 10 KB

  • Random noise images: 10 - 20 KB

  • Test of random noise image with quality setting 20 and in highest resolution: 43 KB


How many photos can I send in a single report?

There is currently no limitation on the number of photos that can be sent through in a single report, only on the message file size (128 KB).


Is the image resolution configurable?

There are no resolution configurability options at the moment. The resolution is set to 640 x 480.


Can I send photos directly to INSIGHT without an Android device?

No. An Android device is necessary for your scanners to connect with and send data to your INSIGHT account.