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What's new on Gateway


Read about how Gateway was developed and get the scope of every Gateway version where features were enhanced or introduced.

Download the latest firmware here, or consider using the Remote update and Zero-Touch update features.

2024 releases

April - 2.12.1

Our focus is forever aimed at boosting shop floor productivity and worker efficiency. Check the details below and try out all the features already available for your Gateway devices.

  • Advanced Scanning features - Full support for the newest addition to device configuration settings that help you scan and process multiple different barcodes quickly and all at once. See here for more details.

  • Partial reset of your Gateway device - To quickly adjust devices on your shop floor and switch between processes without interrupting any workflows, you can perform a partial reset on your Gateway devices. We've added two additional reset barcodes that will help you preserve crucial settings on your Gateway, such as its connection with INSIGHT webportal, device and/or network configurations. For more details, visit this page.

  • Network configurations update - Now you can add NTP (Network Time Protocol) and Proxy settings to your network configurations. NTP servers helps you synchronize time on devices across the entire network. For environments using Proxy servers, which is needed to protect and filter traffic within a private network, you can designate the server and further balance the traffic within.

  • Support for both Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.14.0 and Scanner Firmware Gen2 1.6.0 was added.

  • General performance improvements and bug fixes.

Be sure to visit other What's new pages in the menu sections relevant to your devices. Click here for the latest updates in INSIGHT.

2023 releases

December - 2.11.0

Heading firmly and with many new features into the new year. See below for what's included in the latest release and what is already available for your Gateway devices.

  • Device configuration profiles - Enable configuration profiles and support different processes with a different mix of settings and Workflow Rules, then simply use the double trigger to switch between them, as necessary. See here for more details on how to set up and manage your Gateway's configuration profiles.

  • Advanced Scanning in the Config tool - Visit the Device configuration pages relevant to your device and check out the new Advanced Scanning settings.

  • Disabling the double trigger via the Config tool - Disable your scanners from reacting to double triggers using your device configurations in the INSIGHT webportal to support different processes and enable faster scanning performance. Find it in the Scanner settings and check out how it works for your teams.

  • Trigger Photo using Actions in Workflow Rules - Initiate the Photo Reporting feature on your scanner by defining it as an Action in your Workflow Rules. Visit this page for more details about sending photos to INSIGHT via Gateway devices.

  • Gateway serial number sent instead of the Client ID via MQTT integration path - Check the box and receive the serial number instead of the Client ID. See here for more information.

  • Pairing and disconnecting your scanners via Streams API - Read more about the supported streams here.

  • Service barcodes include more details - RSSI information is now part of the detailed device status you can get when scanning any of the Service barcodes.

  • Support for both Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.13.0 and Scanner Firmware Gen2 1.5.0 was added.

  • General performance improvements and bug fixes.

Be sure to visit other What's new pages in the menu sections relevant to your devices. Click here for the latest updates in INSIGHT.

October - 2.10.2

“If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.”

Unfortunately, we identified a bug in our previous Gateway firmware version (2.10.0). The bug caused Gateway devices to reboot and, in some cases, resulted in a loop. After three attempts, the loop would automatically trigger a Factory Reset of the Gateway to stop it from continuously rebooting. As a final result, the Gateway loses its configuration settings, disconnects and needs to be re-configured.

We have since removed the affected firmware version from the Downloads section in INSIGHT webportal and released a new and fixed version 2.10.2. We recommend applying the latest firmware version to your Gateway devices, as well as any device and network configurations in case your devices were affected. For any assistance, reach out to your ProGlove representative or our Support team via Support form or email.

September - 2.10.0
  • Support for both Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.12.0 and Scanner Firmware Gen2 1.4.0 was added.

  • General performance improvements and bug fixes.

August - 2.9.0
  • New language supported in USB HID integration - We offer even more support for our customers by adding a Dutch keyboard for USB HID Gateway integration.

  • Scanner serial numbers can now be added to your data - Capture and send the scanner's serial number to analytics along with your data when using the USB HID Integration path. You can insert it at a certain position, prepend or append as text, replace regex or text with a delay, and much more. Check out all the Actions available for your Workflow Rules here.

  • Our latest scanner firmware, Scanner Firmware Gen1 version 2.10.0 and Scanner Firmware Gen2 version 1.3.1, is included with full support for over-the-air updates.

  • General performance improvements and bug fixes.

June - 2.8.1
  • Support for Scanner Firmware Gen2 version 1.3.1 was added.

  • General performance improvements and bug fixes.

May - 2.8.0
  • Photo Reporting via Gateway - If your Workflow Rules do not require a specific action to be performed on the double-click of your scanner's trigger, you can double-click on any of the ProGlove scanners to initiate a Photo session via Gateway and send a Photo Report back to INSIGHT. See here for more details.

  • Connect multiple Gateway devices into your network using the TCP/IP integration path - Use a single configuration for multiple Gateway devices, as they will all connect to the same server. For more details, see Integrations.

  • Wi-Fi values sent to INSIGHT with scan events - In addition to gathering Wi-Fi details through telemetry events, your Connectivity Devices will also send this information to the INSIGHT webportal with every scan event. This enables an additional layer of data for more in-depth, contextual analysis of your workforce's performance, since devices often switch between processes, and even levels within My Organization structure. See more on event types and learn how to export your data it in a .csv file here.

  • Support for Scanner Firmware Gen2 version 1.3.0 was added.

March - 2.7.1
  • Reset your Gateway to factory settings without interrupting mission-critical workflows - Now you can do a partial and safe reset without compromising the settings or processes. Learn more here.

  • Support for Scanner Firmware Gen2 version 1.2.1 was added.

January - 2.6.0
  • Enable or disable configurations via QR code for your Gateway - Ensure your device settings stay in place and control any new configuration settings from being applied. See detailed information and steps on how to create a configuration and apply this feature here.

  • Support for Scanner Firmware Gen2 version 1.1.0 was added.

2022 releases

December - 2.5.1
  • New Out-of-range scanner feedback sound - For use in crowded and noisy environments, now there's an alternative, Loud feedback sound for when scanners go out of range from their stations. Enable it in your device's configuration Scanner settings and watch how the new alert gets everyone's attention.

  • Additions to the EULA (End-User License Agreement) - New version of the EULA is available in the Downloads section.

  • New system events introduced - INSIGHT UI will now know your devices are connected even before you start scanning. We're constantly improving the system and ways our devices communicate, so the workers can stay focused on their tasks. Learn about the data types available for export in the Performance analysis section.

  • Support for Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.10.0 was added.

September - 2.4.0
  • Template header improvement - We added a new display field for all templates with a header, which adds content to the right side of the header. For more details, see Screen templates.

  • High speed USB connection - Switching from full to high speed and vice-versa is now an option we enabled in the INSIGHT webportal Config tool. Read more here.

  • Optimized speed and parallel communication when multiple scanners are paired with the Gateway - This enables a separate communication channel for each paired MARK scanner device and eliminates queuing of messages from different devices.

  • HID POS integration path introduced - An additional USB output mode is now available in the INSIGHT Config tool. For more information, see Integration path.

  • Trigger Photo Reporting on your scanner via Gateway - Use Streams API to enable your scanner to take pictures. Find all the details here.

  • Support for Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.9.0 was added.

August - 2.3.0
June - 2.2.0
  • Configurable http_proxy settings - These can now be manually defined via the network.json file. For more information on the network settings, read about Importing Wi-Fi credentials and visit the ProGlove Insight Webportal release notes.

  • Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.8.1 - Support for Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.8.1 has been added.

May - 2.1.0
  • Customized IP address setup - Manually define an IP address for each of your WiFi profiles and ethernet connections, then easily integrate them into existing configuration files (network.json). For more details, see Interface settings.

  • Actions in Workflow rules - Now you can apply actions to your Workflow rules that can insert, replace, and delete specific content within your barcode to match your operational needs. Learn more here.

  • Insight webportal - New firmware and mobile app versions, with additional settings and improvements in the ProGlove Insights UI and new options for scanner and connectivity devices lists. Check out the INSIGHT webportal releases for additional information and make sure all your devices have the latest firmware version.

  • Continuous improvements to ProGlove Gateway firmware related to performance and bug fixes.

March - 2.0.0
  • Remote Config - Full support for the Remote Config feature. By using this Gateway Application Firmware with an Enterprise Visibility subscription you can configure your device fleet using Insight.

  • Remote Update (BETA) - BETA support for the upcoming feature Remote Update. By using this version and a Enterprise Visibility subscription you will be enabled to perform remote updates to upcoming Gateway Application firmware for versions greater than 2.0.0.

  • Beacon Receiver Mode (BETA) - BETA support for a new operating mode to enable to track which Scanners have not returned to the charger. By using this Gateway version and an Enterprise Visibility subscription you will be enabled to perform closed BETA testing.

  • Send scanner temperature - The scan event forwards the operating temperature of the scanner.

  • Support for Idle/Inactive Feedback (BETA) - Added support for a new BETA configuration option enabling idle/inactive feedback when using an Enterprise Visibility subscription.

  • Support for Out-of-range feedback (BETA) - Added support for configuration of out-of-range feedback.

  • Websocket SSL Error - Fixes a defect in which the Gateway was throwing an SSL error and was not able to connect to a Websocket server in some cases when a websocket certificate was valid for a timespan after the current time on the Gateway.

  • Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.8.0 - Support for Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.8.0 has been added.

February - 1.13.0
  • Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.7.0 - Support for Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.7.0 has been added.

2021 releases

December - 1.12.1
  • BLE Custom Channel - The Gateway configuration file and the Gateway Application Firmware has now been upgraded to give device operators the possibility to select which BLE channels a MARK should use when communicating with a Gateway. The feature can be made available upon request contacting . To learn more, see Integrations.

  • MQTT - A closed BETA for an MQTT integration path is now available with this Gateway version. Please contact to request access to documentation and a test of the feature.

  • Numpad variant - The Gateway configuration file has introduced the possibility to make use of the Numeric Keypad when using USB HID as integration path. To learn more, see Integration Path

September - 1.11.0
  • Factory reset after reboot loop introduced - If a Gateway enters a reboot loop for any reason (e.g. corrupted configuration file), after three unsuccessful reboots the Gateway now automatically reverts to factory settings and start normally on the fourth try. Before, the user had to manually reset their Gateway device.

  • Websocket and Network status logs exposed in the Status Folder - You can now access the WebSocket and Network status information in the Status folder of the Gateway Mass storage device.

  • Static Wi-Fi MAC address introduced - The Wi-Fi MAC address has now been changed from dynamic to static. To learn how to get the MAC addresses, see the Gateway Device Information in the Status folder section.

July - 1.10.0
June - 1.9.0
  • PG2A MARK Display template introduced - A new PG2A MARK Display template has now been introduced with two fields with content and headers to support specific sorting use cases. To learn more, see Screen templates.

  • Gateway state message sent after boot up - Upon connection, the Gateway now sends the Gateway state event as soon as it boots up and is ready to be used.

  • Support for WPA protocols introduced - The Gateway now supports connecting to access points with open authentication (no password) as well as WPA-PSK with a pre-shared key.

    For the WPA Enterprise authentication, the Gateway now supports the following files:

    • Anonymous identity

    • Domain

    • Root certificate (DER or PEM format)

    Authentication type

    Inner authentication


    • MSCHAPv2

    • MD5

    • GTC


    • PAP

    • CHAP

    • MD5

    • GTC


    TLS encryption with user certificate / key in DER or PEM format

May - 1.8.0
  • Scanned barcodes echoed on MARK Display - Starting from Scanner Firmware Gen1 2.3 and Gateway 1.8, the MARK Display scanners now instantly display the content of the scanned barcode to support the users in managing their workflow. You can now turn on or off the barcode echo feature in the configuration file. To learn more, see Scanner barcode display echo.

March - 1.7.0
  • Manual firmware update from version 1.x to 2.x enabled - The Firmware update feature has now been enhanced to allow you to directly update your scanners firmware from versions 1.x to the latest firmware version (2.x) using Gateway. To learn more, see Update scanner firmware using Gateway.

February - 1.6.0
  • Streams API enhanced

    • Button press event - The Streams API has now been enhanced to support the Button press event which is sent by the Gateway when the scanner's button is triggered. To learn more, see Button press event.

    • Gateway state - The Streams API has now been enhanced to include theGateway state command and state to allow you to request the state of the Gateway. To learn more, see Gateway state command and Gateway state event.

  • Wi-Fi connection to unprotected SSIDs - Insight connectivity has now been enhanced to allow connecting to Wi-fi networks without password security. To learn how to connect, see Connect Gateway to Insight.

  • Pairing barcode on Mass Storage - The Pairing barcode has now been added to the Status Folder on the Gateway Mass Storage device to allow you to connect your scanners when your Gateway is visually inaccessible. To learn how to enable Mass Storage, see Gateway as a Mass Storage device.

2020 releases

December - 1.5.0
  • Streams API enhanced

    • Worker Feedback command - The Streams API has now been enhanced to include the Worker Feedback command which enables the Gateway to send feedback sequences to the worker's connected devices. To learn more, see Worker Feedback command.
    • Button-blocking command - The Streams API has now been enhanced to include the Button-blocking command to enable sending an event which blocks or unblocks the button gestures on a connected scanner. To learn more, see Button-blocking command.

  • Barcode Configuration introduced - A new Barcode Configuration feature has been introduced to allow you to apply your configuration to the Gateway and all connected scanners by scanning the Configuration Barcode on Insight Webportal. This eliminates the need to import the ProGlove.proconfig file manually to the Mass Storage device.

    To learn more, see Apply the configuration via barcode.

  • Firmware compatibility matrix introduced - A new Gateway / scanner firmware compatibility matrix has now been introduced to present an overview of what Gateway features require specific scanner or Gateway firmware versions to work.

  • MARK Display orientation barcodes - The Display command section has now been enhanced to include barcodes for setting screen orientation on MARK Display devices. To learn more, see How to set MARK Display orientation using a barcode.

November - 1.4.0
  • Streams API enhanced - The Streams API has now been enhanced to enable the two-way communication between a Gateway and up to five display-capable devices (like the MARK Display scanner) in order to send content to the devices' displays. To learn more, see Streams API and Display Command.

Download the latest firmware here, or consider using the Remote update and Zero-Touch update features.